‘Dragon Girl’ Who Spent $26k On Body Modifications Turns ‘Blind’ 3 Weeks After Getting Blue Tattoes On Eye Balls

Source: Daily Mail

‘Dragon Girl’ Who Spent $26k On Body Modifications Turns ‘Blind’ 3 Weeks After Getting Blue Tattoes On Eye Balls

A ‘body modifier’ has spoken about how she went blind for three weeks subsequent to getting her eyeballs tattooed with blue ink in a painful 40-minute strategy.

Golden Luke, 24, from the Central Coast, New South Wales, has spent through $26,000 on changing her look – experiencing an extraordinary body adjustment, for example, having her tongue split and earlobes stretched and extended.

The blue-haired body piercer has 200 tattoos from head to toe and has had a bosom increase, cheek and lip fillers and pointed inserts put in her ears.

Yet, Amber – who considers herself the ‘Blue Eyed White Dragon’ – says the most perilous method was getting blue ink infused into her eyeballs.

‘I can’t start to portray to you what the sensing that, the best thing I can give you is previously the eyeball was penetrated with the ink, it felt like [the tattoo artist] got 10 shards of glass and focused on it my eye,’ Amber revealed.

‘That happened multiple times per eye, that was truly cruel. Lamentably, my artist dove excessively deep into my eyeball. On the off chance that your eyeball strategy’s done accurately, you shouldn’t go blind by any means. I was visually injured for three weeks. That was really awful.’

Amber – who intends to be ‘completely secured’ in tattoos by March 2020 – said she wouldn’t like to get outrageous body changes once more.

‘I don’t anticipate getting any more body adjustments that are extraordinary as such. So no more tongue parting, no more eyeball inking, she said.

Her mom Vikki took a stand in opposition to the change, conceding she broke down in tears when her little girl got her eyeballs inked with blue ink.

‘Where do I start? I cried. I said a couple of decision words as anybody would. “For what reason would you do that to yourself, realizing that there is a risk to it”.

‘As we are probably aware as the guardians, a few children will simply do what they like to do, paying little respect to what we state. However, I carried her into the world with the best abilities that I could give, as well as could be expected to give her it’s only for me to be there and come to the adventure with her. What’s more, prop her up, and love her.’

‘She never considered herself to be being lovely. She didn’t see herself through my eyes. In any case, I’ve upheld her since I could really observe the change, the development and how it’s made her come to who she is today.

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