To the new authors and newcomers

Hey, guys.
Earlier in the week and again tonight we had a couple of new people requesting to be authors here. They both have asked us if they can post anything that they want or are do we have rules to what they can post here.

This is for the new people here. All the regulars already know this.

Listen, this place is YOURS. You don’t have to ask us if you’re allowed to say something. The idea of TNBD is to just let you be you. Don’t worry about the mods here just waiting to delete your comments or ban you because that won’t happen.

We only ask a few things here. Don’t even think about posting anyone’s personal information, no threatening a person’s life and no porn. A lot of people here are posting from work and porn pops up they can lose their job.

So that’s it. Just be yourself and have a good time doing it. Post whatever stories you want to post. Say what you feel like saying. And welcome to TNBD.

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