‘That’s crazy’: Joe Manchin slams Jerry Nadler for suggesting more investigations into Trump

Sen. Joe Manchin slammed fellow Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler for suggesting that the House would continue investigating President Trump’s conduct regarding Ukraine.

Manchin, who represents West Virginia, appeared Friday on Fox News to discuss his vote to convict Trump on both impeachment charges. Host Bill Hemmer also questioned Manchin on a claim the House Judiciary Committee made that investigators would continue looking into Trump’s conduct.

“They’re crazy if [investigations into Trump over Ukraine] come back,” Manchin said. “Well, I’m hoping the president has learned. Mr. President, we are equal powers.”

When asked if Manchin would support “his Democratic colleagues pursuing [Ukraine] again,” Manchin said, “No, absolutely not, unless the president continues using rogue proxies, such as Rudy Giuliani, running around, playing with foreign policy and the election process.”

“I would think that the president would not do that, and, I don’t think, if he didn’t realize that he had done it, it did happen, and it has got to stop,” Manchin continued.

The Senate voted to acquit Trump of the impeachment charges on Wednesday. Utah Sen. Mitt Romney was the only Republican to cross party lines and vote to convict Trump on the abuse of power charge, bringing the final vote to 52-48. He voted to acquit Trump on obstruction of justice, leaving the vote at 53-47.

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