Super Bowl streaker believed to be Instagram model Kelly Kay

The year of sports flashing did not extend to 2020.

A Super Bowl 2020 fan was tackled — still mostly clothed — moments after she charged the field at Sunday’s 31-20 Chiefs triumph over the 49ers. It is believed that the woman, who was dragged away by security, was Instagram model Kelly Kay.

Kay’s friend and fellow model Colleen McGinniss posted video on social media of Kay trying to strip down even as she was being taken away.

“You go bitch!! Look at that ass,” McGinniss wrote. She added on Twitter, “You go babe, I love you.”

McGinniss’ post suggests that Kay’s attempt was linked to Vitaly Uncensored, the same site that got widespread attention for Kinsey Wolanski streaking at the Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool. At the World Series, Julia Rose and Lauren Summer flashed cameras behind the plate during a game in Washington.

Rose and Summers received a lifetime ban from MLB parks for the incident. It’s unclear what penalties Kay faces, though fines and jail time are possible. She has yet to update her social media since her failed attempt in Miami.

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