Ilhan Omar Asked About the Dreams Student Debt Kills, and the Internet Answered

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is the latest politician to ask social media users what they would do with their lives if they had their student loan debt canceled.

“What dreams would you be free to go after if your student debt was cancelled?” Omar asked on Twitter Tuesday, encouraging people to respond with the hashtag “#CancelStudentDebt” in both the replies to her tweet and across the platform.

Several people answered that they would buy a house. Others added they could also start a family, travel more, or open a savings account. Many were excited at the prospect of being able to afford groceries on a regular basis; as one user explained, canceled student debt would mean going grocery shopping without checking a bank account first.

These issues are common fodder for those who study debt. The Federal Reserve thinks there’s reason to believe student loan debt may have reduced homeownership figures among young people. A report from CNBC outlines the impact debt loads can have on family planning.

“The amount of student debt I have gives me daily anxiety. It is hard to say the amount of debt out loud. I am 47,” wrote Rosa A. Clemente, a former Green Party vice presidential candidate. “Not only do we need to #CancelStudentDebt we need to fight for it not to be included in credit reports, FICO scores, or any metric of creditworthiness.”

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