Have you won a gift card on TNID or TNBD?

If you have ever won a gift card on either TNID or TNBD you know how it works. We give you your card information and you can use the card number to shop online or pay a bill online just like you would a credit card.

But because you don’t have the actual card you can only use it for online purchases which does sorta suck.

Well a little while back Hyacinth won and she wanted to use the card to take her babies out to dinner. So she called the gift card mall and told them she had the card info but misplaced the card and could they reissue her another card.

They did and she has now contacted us and wanted us to tell you that she did get the actual card in the mail.

So if any of you have won a gift card and couldn’t find anything to use it for online here is the gift card malls phone number. Just do what she did and get your card so that you can use it anywhere you please. Don’t let it go to waste. You deserved it.


Thank you, Hyacinth from everybody here at TNBD!

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