23 Servers Shared The Dumbest Things Customers Have Done, And All I Can Say Is “Wow…”


“I made an iced coffee for a lady who told me I’d done it wrong because she wanted the ice on the bottom, not floating at the top. I told her I was too busy to explain how science works.”



“I manage a pizza place, and my favorite complaint ever was when a customer asked if we made our pizzas ‘under trees.’ Not understanding, I asked for clarification. ‘I said, ‘Do you make your pizzas under trees?‘ There are leaves mixed in with my sauce.’ They were basil leaves.”



“I worked at a BBQ restaurant in Texas, and everyday I was asked at least twice about the difference between pulled pork and chopped beef. When I knew I was gearing up to quit, I started to get mouthy and would respond, ‘One went ‘moo,’ and the other went ‘oink.'”

—Sierra Rogan, Facebook


“Once, a customer got angry with me because I told her we didn’t have grass-fed chicken. She said, ‘This is supposed to be a healthy restaurant!’ Chickens don’t eat grass, woman! Go back to the petting zoo.”


More: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jonmichaelpoff/restaurant-server-horror-stories?origin=btm-fd

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