Passenger shamed for picking dead skin off of bare foot on plane: ‘I’m not OK when I see this’

This is one passenger who you’ll want staying several feet away from you.

Video uploaded to Instagram shows a man picking at the dead skin on the bottom of his barefoot while flying on a crowded airplane. At least one other passenger noticed the behavior and filmed it.

The footage was shared to the Instagram account Passengershaming, where it was uploaded with the caption, “Happy #FlyingFeetFriday, ya’ll!! All kinds of nope happening up in here…” Based on the comments that the post received, almost everyone agreed that this was inappropriate behavior for a commercial flight.

“I’m not OK when I see this,” read one reply.

Others couldn’t believe that the foot-picker was getting away with their behavior, with one user posting, “The fact that they sit there, record and just take it on the chin is crazy. How can someone NOT say something?”

Another (who seems to be doing very well for themselves) wrote, “This is why I sit in first class!”

Of course, not everyone can afford first class, so other users had other ideas on how to handle the situation.

“The roundhouse he would’ve taken to the dish had he been sat next to me would be from every ounce my soul could muster,” wrote an obviously upset Instagram user.

“Him using his pinky makes is even grosser,” observed another.

“And my husband wonders why I wash my hands all the time…” added another.

One user seemed to want to avoid situations like this entirely, writing, “My decision to remain basically housebound is turning out to be a really good choice.”

“Aw God no,” wrote another. “I’d be pouring my drink on his seat just to get him to move.”

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