Female flogging force unveiled in Indonesia to publicly punish women who violate Sharia law

A female flogging unit has been introduced in Indonesia’s Aceh province to dole out public whippings against women found violating the region’s Sharia law. One of eight new female Sharia officers delivered her first punishment to an unmarried woman who was found in a hotel room with a man who was not family, AFP reported Tuesday.

The victim’s behavior is considered a morality crime in Aceh, where violators often face public whipping with a rattan cane.

…Aceh is the only region in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation, to follow Islamic law, which calls for women to punish female transgressors, the outlet reported.

…A limited autonomy deal made over a decade ago between Aceh and the central government allows the province to follow the religious law.

…Safriadi, head of Banda Aceh’s Sharia Implementation Unit, told AFP that the female officers were trained in the correct technique to limit injuries and “Have no mercy for those who violate God’s law.”

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