Attempted Bank Robbery

While this happened January 20, 2017, I just found out about it.

Laurence Turner

ROCKFORD, IL — A suspected bank robber was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at Alpine Bank, 2218 N. Mulford Road.

About 3:50 p.m. today, an armed man entered the bank and fired his gun at the ceiling and then at the security guard, according to a police news release. The security guard returned fire, hitting the suspect.

No customers were inside the bank, and no employees were injured, the news release states.

The suspect was dead — found near the entrance of the bank — when police arrived, Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea said. The security guard who is a retired Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department deputy, shot and killed the suspect, Laurence Turner, 34, of Rockford in self-defense and in defense of others. Video footage from Alpine Bank shows a man wearing a ski mask and gloves entering the bank, firing into the ceiling and then at Harrison, as Harrison fires back.

Turner tried to exit the bank but fell to the ground by the door. He was shot twice — in the chest and the buttocks. The security guard was cleared of any wrongdoing and no charges were filed.

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