Broadcast networks’ impeachment viewership falls short of soap operas, study says

Perhaps the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump is not dramatic enough because ratings on the broadcast networks failed to exceed the average ratings of daytime soap operas, according to a new study.

ABC, NBC and CBS dedicated its daytime programming this week to the newly launched impeachment trial, which meant that popular soaps like “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives” were shelved. However, a study from NewsBusters suggests the broadcast networks would have been better off airing its normally scheduled programming.

According to cited Nielsen data, CBS averaged 1.52 million viewers on Wednesday, which was Day One of the opening arguments made by the House managers, while ABC averaged 1.29 million viewers and NBC averaged 1.26 million viewers.

The daytimes soaps easily overshadowed the impeachment ratings. According to NewsBusters, CBS’s “The Young & The Restless” has been averaging 3.7 million viewers during the 2019-2020 season and “The Bold & The Beautiful” averages 3.15 million viewers. ABC’s “General Hospital” averages 2.15 million viewers while NBC’s “Days of Our Lives” averages 1.95 million viewers.Video

The comparisons are even more drastic on Thursday as broadcast ratings dipped on the second day of opening arguments. CBS averaged 1.4 million viewers while ABC had 1.2 million viewers and NBC had 1.1 million viewers.

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