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Woman, 31, twerking on top of parked car ‘takes off her pants and starts twerking HARDER when cops ask her to stop – before spitting in officer’s face’


A woman from Texas has been charged with harassment after she allegedly began twerking on top of a parked car and then spat in the face of a police officer who told her to stop.

Kisa Trinee Taylor, 31, was confronted by an officer for performing a ‘sexually provocative dance’ on top of a vehicle in Austin. 

An affidavit states how police responded to a fight that was taking place between two women outside a grocery store just before midday on Tuesday. 

While one of the suspects was inside the store, Taylor, was twerking on top of a parked car, according to the affidavit as seen by KXAN. 

When the officer came up to Taylor and told her to get down, she instead refused, took off her pants and twerked harder. 

When Taylor eventually came down, she was detained by police for disorderly conduct and put into the back of a patrol car.

As the officer was speaking to her, Taylor ‘intentionally spat through the open window,’ hitting the officer on the left side of the face.

Taylor was released on bond from Travis County Jail but has been charged with harassment of a public official, a 3rd degree felony.

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