Woman, 51, is arrested ‘for pooping at least eight times in the parking lot of a sporting goods store’


  • Andrea Grocer, from Massachusetts, charged with eight counts of wanton destruction of property.
  • The full-time nanny is accused of repeatedly defecating in the parking lot of a Natick, Massachusetts, sporting goods store 
  • It was initially through an animal was responsible for the piles of waste left in the lot, but toilet paper and wipes were later found at the scene 
  • Officer was staking out the area when he allegedly caught Grocer defecating out of her vehicle, then driving off
  • When the woman was pulled over, she claimed she suffers from irritable bowel syndrome – a chronic intestinal disorder  

The owner of a Massachusetts sporting goods store was relieved after police arrested a woman accused of repeatedly defecating in front of his business.

Andrea Grocer, 51, was caught in the act early Wednesday morning, after officers spotted her using the parking lot in front of Natick Outdoor Store on North Avenue as a bathroom. 

Grocer, from Ashland, was arraigned later that day on eight counts of wanton destruction of property.

The stomach-turning case began unfolding in December, when Henry Kanner, the owner of the store, reported finding piles of feces in the parking lot on multiple occasions. 

At first, the waste was thought to have come from an animal, but toilet papers and wipes were located nearby, proving that the culprit was human. 

Police increased patrols in the area hoping to apprehend the suspect, and just before 7am on Wednesday they busted Grocer with her pants down.

An officer who had been staking out the parking lot wrote in an arrest report that he saw Grocer defecating out of the driver’s side door of her 2018 Lincoln MKX SUV, reported NBC10

The woman drove off after a few seconds but was quickly pulled over by the cop, who told her he had seen what she had done.

According to the report, Grocer claimed she suffers from irritable bowel syndrome – a chronic intestinal disorder – and was on her way to a home where she works as a nanny.

The officer pointed out to Grocer that the area is dotted with public restrooms, to which the woman reportedly apologized and promised to never use the parking lot as a bathroom again.

Grocer’s employer later confirmed to the police that the nanny has access to the bathroom at the house.

In her booking photo, the suspected vandal appears to be sobbing. 

‘I’m so happy they arrested her,’ Kanner, the sporting goods store owner, told MetroWest Daily News. ‘I have no idea who she is.’  

During her arraignment on Wednesday, Grocer’s lawyer described the woman as a a ‘pillar of her community’ but offered no explanation for her alleged conduct. 

The 51-year-old was released from jail without bail. She is due back in court on March 2.  


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