Former Bond girl Britt Ekland claims ex-boyfriend Rod Stewart ‘would wear my knickers’

By Stephanie Nolasco | Fox News

Britt Ekland claimed her ex-boyfriend Rod Stewart made her pay rent while they were living together — all while borrowing her “knickers.”

The former Bond girl dated the British rocker from 1975 until 1977. Stewart, now 75, has been married to the English model Penny Lancaster since 2007.

“I had to pay $100 a month board and lodgings when I was living with him,” the 77-year-old alleged to the Mail On Sunday. “I would go shopping with him and watch him buy clothes from Yves Saint Laurent but nothing for me.

“But I always worked,” she stated. “I paid my way.”

The Swedish star also went on to claim that Stewart would borrow her underwear.

“He did use to like to wear my underwear though,” she alleged. “He would wear these baggy satin trousers and needed little satin pants. Rod would wear my knickers. He liked them.”

Ekland famously starred as Mary Goodnight in the 1974 film “The Man with the Golden Gun” opposite Roger Moore.

According to UK’s Daily Mail, she married British actor Peter Sellers, who was 17 years her senior, after a 10-day courtship in 1965. The couple divorced four years later. Sellers passed away in 1980 at age 54 from a heart attack.

“I was never a kept woman,” said Ekland. “[Peter] Sellers gave me a Harrods card but I never used it for anything other than essentials. People thought he bought me Chanel suits but I bought copies of Chanels with my own money.”

A rep for Stewart didn’t immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

This isn’t the first time Ekland has dished about her famous ex.

Back in 2013, Ekland discussed her relationship with Stewart with Piers Morgan.

“Rod did wear my underwear on stage, but only to keep the package in place,” she clarified at the time, as reported by U.K.’s The Telegraph.

According to Ekland, their relationship ended when she discovered Stewart’s infidelity — after she was notified by her ex-boyfriend, actor George Hamilton.

“George Hamilton told me, ‘Oh how funny. [My wife] has just left me for your ex-boyfriend,’” she recalled. “Suddenly a light went on and I thought, ‘Rod.’ I got in the car and drove home. I wanted to throw up.”

At the time, Ekland alleged Stewart never apologized for the affair.

“He never said sorry,” she said. “Never. I wish he had. I think that would have brought it to an end. I think it is only fair to do that.”

According to the Daily Mail, Ekland claimed she previously turned down a marriage proposal from Lord Lichfield, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin, because she “never wanted to be a Lady.” She still thought of Hamilton, now 80, fondly, describing him as “one of the funniest men I have ever known.”

Ekland also alleged that Warren Beatty attempted to seduce her at one point but he was “not the most divine lover of all.”

According to the actress, Beatty made a bold move when he took her to see a pornographic film in 1970.

“I was truly shocked as I was brought up practically as a Victorian person,” she said. “I am a prudish person. I wanted to get out of there so I left.”

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