Texas officials call Incels an ’emerging domestic terrorist threat’ and warn of a possible ‘rebellion’ by involuntary celibate men spurred on by their perceived rejection by women

By Matthew Wright For Dailymail.com

Men who identify as part of the Involuntary Celibate (Incel) movement have been identified as an ’emerging domestic terrorism threat,’ according to new research. 

The study, conducted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, looked at the domestic terrorism impacting the state – identifying that most falls under ‘racially motivated, anti-government and single-issue’ sentiments. 

Brian Isaack Clyde

‘White racially motivated’ attacks were found to be the most violently active domestic terrorism type of all of various acts, but incel related incidents we seen as steadily ’emerging.’ 

‘Once viewed as a criminal threat by many law enforcement authorities, Incels are now seen as a growing domestic terrorism concern due to the ideological nature of recent Incel attacks internationally, nationwide, and in Texas,’ the study states. 

‘What begins as a personal grievance due to perceived rejection by women may morph into allegiance to, and attempts to further, an Incel Rebellion.’ 

Scott Paul Beierle

Specifically referencing Incels Brian Isaack Clyde, Scott Paul Beierle, Alek Minassian, Christopher Harper-Mercer and Elliot Rodger; the study found that the violence over the past decade ‘coupled with extremely violent online rhetoric, suggests this particular threat could soon match, or potentially eclipse, the level of lethalness demonstrated by other domestic terrorism types.’ 

Alek Minassian

The study continued: ‘Additionally, recent mass attacks by individuals associated with the Incel movement have thrust this issue from a relatively obscure online movement driven by predominately personal grievances, to a fourth type of single issue domestic terrorism.’

Chris Harper-Mercer

According to the research, involuntary celibate actors ‘blame women and society for their failures to develop intimate relationships.’ 

‘Many advocate the use of violence against persons, both women and men, they perceive to be successfully engaging in such relationships,’ the study reads.

Elliot Rodger

Attractive women in the movement are known as ‘Staceys’ while unattractive women are seen as ‘Beckys.’

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