Liberal comedian promises oral sex to anyone who votes for Bernie Sanders

And the second place prize is two weeks in Philadelphia (rimshot). But seriously, folks, an actress, writer, and comedian by the name of Patti Harrison is offering oral sex to anyone who votes for Bernie Sanders.

If you vote for Bernie I will personally suck u if u ask & I have the time!

— Patti Harrison (@Party_Harderson) January 10, 2020

If you’re wondering what the catch is, note the proviso in the above offer — if I  have the time. One would imagine a busy(?) entertainer like Harrison might indeed have trouble accommodating all interested parties, even though she does appear to obsessed with sex:

Let’s all have sex with each other this year- no excuses!!! Not anymore!!! — Patti Harrison (@Party_Harderson) February 5, 2019

There’s also the small matter of Harrison’s being a trans-female.

Harrison, incidentally, is not the first liberal entertainer to offer oral sex in exchange for a vote for a preferred candidate. In October of 2016, Madonna told an audience at Madison Square Garden in New York that she would offer fellatio to men who cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton. Via New York’s Daily News:

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