Atta-girl, Hyacinth

So we like to do these these games here just fun on TNBD to break up the monotony here and you all know by now that you get these donated gift cards and how they work.

Pretty much all of you have won these by now and you know exactly how it works.

Hyacinth is one smart cookie. She won one for the first time. But she called the gift card company and they issued her the actual card that she is going to get in the mail.

So if you play these games on here we are going to find out exactly what she did so you can do that too. We’d much rather know you got the card so you can just use it anywhere instead of just online.

Glad you’re spoiling your babies out to eat, Hyacinth. You rock!

Thanks from all of us here at TNBD, girl! You’re one smart cookie.

From everyone at TNBD!

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