‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ joins fight for Australian bushfire relief


Hey, they always say to do what you know best.

The “World’s Hottest Grandma,” once banned from Instagram over a risque photo, is turning her exhibitionist talents to a more noble cause — the bushfires ravaging Australia.

Gold Coast native Gina Stewart, 48, is exchanging salacious snaps for donations to the nationwide firefighting effort. Everyone who contributes over 10 bucks to select charities will earn a “free subscription” to her titillating OnlyFans account, per a post Wednesday on the saucy granny’s ‘Gram.

“It’s the least I can do,” Stewart tells Jam Press, saying she was moved to action by the heartbreaking photos of the blaze that has killed almost half a billion animals and at least 25 peoplealong Australia’s east coast.

“It’s such a catastrophe for the environment here in Australia and our wildlife is so important to us all,” says Stewart, who proudly touts the fact that she has a 2-year-old granddaughter. The inferno hits close to home, she adds, because her brother, who is an actor, has been combating the fires in his community as a volunteer firefighter.

It seems Stewart’s salacious promotion has struck a chord with her 173,000 followers on the ‘Gram, prompting responses such as “That is a great idea Gina” and “You are a very pretty lady with a kind heart and a beautiful soul.”


Gawkers can do good by donating to one of many official charities and fundraisers Stewart listed on Twitter. They then direct-message Stewart on Instagram with a screenshot of their donation, whereupon they’ll receive access to her racy OnlyFans content for a limited time.

“Australians are strong — we’ll fight back,” the philanthropic poser says. “It’s about all pitching in, and just doing our bit.”

Hey, Stewart’s relief effort might be a bit unorthodox, but at least she’s savvier than her compatriot and fellow Instagrammer Tammy Hembrow, who was excoriated for posting a racy pic of herself in a wet T-shirt to raise firefighting funds. Stewart herself is no stranger to baring skin — last year, she set the internet alight with a topless calendar.

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