F*ck em’..let’s move on…

All your accounts that posted on those DISQUS channels are becoming junk accounts. We all see it and know it.

We’re lucky enough here at TNBD to have guys like Lips Malone that see exactly what is going on here and understand every bit of this. Intelligent guys that know exactly how DISQUS screwed up. Trust them, guys. They know!

The only way out of this hot mess is to create a new account and say f*ck it!

Who cares at this point about please give us our points back? Really?

Your new accounts will no longer lose upvotes and all the DISQUS bullshit nonsense from the cahnnel shit. Let your old account go! We’re here to help you!

If you want a high rep score, create a new account, go on here on any story and post ANYTHING even just a number, ANYTHING and we’ll approve it. Just keep doing it. Within minutes your new account will be good to go anywhere.

F*ck this shit. They screwed up, they know it. We all do. Let’s move on! Stop begging them. Create a new account and move on!!! You’ll be fine. STOP kissing ASS and begging!!! This ain’t the first new account you’ve created.

Make a new account if you’re at ZERO upvotes. We’ll approve all comments on your new account and get you a new account that’s good to go!

Have fun doing what you did and stop talking about this crap!

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