Man Arrested After Doorbell Cam Captured Him Beating Girlfriend


A man caught attacking and kicking his girlfriend on a doorbell video has been arrested 

Las Vegas, NV – A 23-year-old man was arrested after a surveillance camera captured the moment his girlfriend attempted to escape as he beat her.

Darnell Rodgers, 23, was arrested at 3 a.m. Thursday and taken to jail and was charged with kidnapping and domestic battery, according to the Las Vegas Sun. (Video below)

The woman as well as the couple’s one-month-old child who was in the car were both safe, according to police.

The incident started when a homeowner saw video of the woman running to their house while a man chased her.

The woman was crying when she reached the front door. Then the man kicked the woman when she was down on the ground and pushed her into a car.

The man responded, “You always (expletive) do that,” according to the Las Vegas Sun. “Get in the car.”

The homeowner then called the police and reported it from a remote location, according to the police.

The Las Vegas Metro Police initially released the surveillance video on Wednesday night, and asked the public for help identifying the victim and suspect.

Police got a break in the case when detectives heard the woman refer to Rodgers by his first name on the video, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Investigators then cross referenced the first name with reported incidents for that day. The police discovered that they had responded to a domestic violence call involving that couple hours after the incident was recorded on the doorbell video at about 12:50 a.m. Wednesday.

The person who called the police about that incident was able to identify Rodgers and his girlfriend as the couple in the video, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

You can see video from the incident below:

Darnell Rodgers, 23, AKA Hi_estComnDenomn, was arrested at 3 a.m. Thursday and taken to jail and was charged with kidnapping and domestic battery, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

While being dragged to the police car, Mr. Rodgers, far afield from his TV persona, was heard screaming “You don’t know shit! All Asians are evil! All Whites are evil! Everybody with skin lighter than mine is evil! I’m gonna kick your ass and kill you all! I done be doing hate the damn police! Damn black police officers be nothing but coconuts!”

The Las Vegas Metro Police refused to officially comment on the arrest of Mr. Rodgers, other than saying that they were surprised he was not wearing a sweater.

“Mr. Rodgers is normally not known for this type of behavior” stated Sargent Reilly of the LVMP. “Normally we just kind of worry about the kids.”

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