It sounded like Iraq…The Eerie Sights And Sounds Of Gunfire Erupting Across Detroit last New Year’s Eve

(WWJ) Ever been in a gunfight? In a war?

If so, this scene may be familiar, scarily so. If you’ve never been amid violence — lots of it — then this video taken on the east side of Detroit as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve may be chilling. 

Gunfire all around, automatic weapons, pistols, 9 millimeters — all with their own distinctive sound, popping off over and over to celebrate the New Year.

This video has been viewed 180,942 times already. 

“You’ve got balls of steel,” one viewer commented. Others said it sounded like Chicago.

Many compared it to fireworks. Someone said the noise continued all night long.

The video shows no police presence, though officers have warned residents about celebratory gunfire for New Year’s Eve, and how it can go wrong.

“Celebratory gunfire is illegal and highly dangerous,” the Saginaw Police Department wrote in a Facebook post. “Bullets fired into the air return to the earth at up to 300 feet per second.” documented the dangers of New Year’s Eve gunshot celebrations, writing about a grandfather who accidentally shot his grandson in Sterling Heights in 1995.

There was even a gunshot that sliced cable wires in Detroit in 1996, shutting down cable television in Detroit for hundreds of people. The same year, a student was shot in the back in Detroit by gunfire that was still ringing out at 1 a.m. 

A great-grandmother was shot at her kitchen table last year on New Year’s Eve, and police suspect celebratory gunfire. 

Be safe everyone and have a happy New Year!

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