A dedication to DISQUS from everybody at TNBD..

All of you here at TNBD are not a bunch a whining assholes. THANK GOD! You’re a great group of people. I really can only name a couple people (close people) that have ever cried about what goes on here, stomped their feet and marched out the door. That being said, we use DISQUS for commenting. They screw up just like all of us. It pisses us off but they’re part of who we are and we wouldn’t be TNBD without them. We know that.

BUT we don’t hold back here and if you’re an asshole we’re gonna have fun blasting you here.

Let’s take this opportunity to dedicate songs, memes and gifs to show DISQUS how we all feel. Shit happens,it happens here too but you can still have fun sticking it to them.

Best “we got ya” gets a gift card. You deserve it for putting up with this nonsense.

Get it together, assholes. You can’t fatten your wallet and screw over all the people who have faith in you and are paying you!

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