WATCH:Woman Crushes Guy Trying To Steal From Best Buy In Awesome Video

DAVID HOOKSTEAD December 25, 2019

One man learned the hard way to not steal from Best Buy.

In a Twitter video posted by @xshayts, which has been viewed six million times, a woman she identifies as her sister absolutely destroyed a guy who appeared to be trying to make off with some merchandise

Watch the unbelievable video below. It’s incredible on every single level.

I wouldn’t recommend getting physical with somebody to stop a potential robbery. It’s not your money you’re going to lose. It’s Best Buy’s merchandise.

Having said that, if you’re going to try to stop somebody, you damn well better make it epic. I think it’s safe to say the woman in the video above accomplished that goal.

She didn’t just stop him. She lit him up like a Christmas tree. She took that guy down before he even knew what happened.

Walking into a Best Buy, trying to steal something and proceeding to get annihilated is about as bad as it gets.

I really can’t think of things too much more embarrassing.

In terms of viral videos I’ve seen recently, there’s no doubt this one is right at the top. Props to this lady for taking care of her business.

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