Team Trump’s new website wants you to own the ‘liberal snowflakes’ at your family Christmas party

Ahead of Christmas Day, President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign launched a website featuring videos of talking points it said supporters can use to “win an argument with liberal friends, relatives and snowflakes” over the holidays.

As Republicans and Democrats have become more divided in recent years, plenty of attention has been paid to navigating political talk over the holiday season – and the question of whether it should be avoided outright. That’s only intensified this year, amid Trump’s impeachment largely along party lines.

Publicized on Christmas Eve, the Trump campaign’s contribution to the conversation has the domain name of and references to the “Russian hoax,” the “fake news media” and the “Democrats’ radical agenda.” And, similar to Trump’s rhetoric, it contains statements that fact-checkers have characterized as false or misleading.

The website includes sections titled, “There was no quid pro quo, Democrats always obsessed with impeachment” and “BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALISM.” Each contains a video of a campaign official delivering pro-Trump arguments in front of an American flag graphic. Triumphant music plays in the background.

“Family holidays,” a smiling woman says in one of the clips. “Full of love. Full of laughter. And full of the inevitable conversations with the family liberal who just does not want to believe how great America is doing with President Trump in office.”

Also prevalent: guides to deciding whether to discuss politics, lists of other conversation topics and advice columns on remaining kind and civil in response to political button-pushing.

It was news stories about that sense of trepidation that led the Trump campaign to create the new website. But the campaign advises a confrontational approach.

“We’ve all seen the news articles about liberal snowflakes being afraid to see their MAGA relatives at Christmas or holiday gatherings, so the Trump campaign wants people to be ready,” campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany said in a statement. “We’re not helping snowflakes avoid arguments – we’re helping Trump supporters win them!

“As 2019 draws to a close and 2020 approaches, President Trump and Americans are going to be winning, winning, and winning, and then winning some more!”

The website includes a section devoted to impeachment, which declares that “impeaching President Trump has always been an election tactic. Democrats have never accepted the results of the last election, so they’re trying to interfere with the next one.”

Another repeats the debunked claim that former vice president Joe Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire its top prosecutor because he was investigating a company, Burisma, that had added his son Hunter to its board.

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler has repeatedly described the allegation as incorrect, writing in September that “by continuing to claim that Biden ‘did’ something for his son, Trump persists in spreading a false narrative about a diplomatic maneuver hailed at the time as a step toward reducing corruption in Ukraine.

Yet the new Trump campaign website states “No matter what the fake news tells you, nothing about Joe Biden withholding aid from Ukraine – unless the prosecutor who was looking into Burisma was fired – has been ‘debunked.'”

It also repeats the president’s false claim that family separation was in place before he took office. As The Post’s fact-checkers have noted, the Trump administration in April 2018 began systematically separating all families caught crossing the border. The Bush and Obama-era policy separated children from adults only in limited circumstances, such as when officials suspected human trafficking or other dangers.

Trump campaign officials fired off tweets Tuesday promoting the site as a source for “all the facts you need.”

“We know that at Christmas and holiday time, there’s always that liberal snowflake relative who starts an argument and then runs and hides,” wrote campaign manager Brad Parscale. “This year, don’t let them get away with it. Be like @realDonaldTrump and keep winning!”

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