Rep. Ilhan Omar Tries To Publicly Shame Woman Offended By Islamic Prayers Being Blasted By Loudspeakers Onto Streets In Brooklyn

U.S. veteran Gretchen Smith posted a video of a woman standing on a sidewalk in Brooklyn, NY. In the video, that’s been seen 11 million times, a woman is standing on a street in Brooklyn. Behind the woman, another woman is passing by wearing a hijab. The signs on the building behind her are written in Arabic.

The woman videotaping herself in the video appears to be confused by the loudspeaker blasting Islamic prayer onto the streets. She silently mouths the words “What the F***?” and then jokingly covers her face, while looking around.

After a few seconds of checking out her surroundings, she asks, “What’s going on? This is Brooklyn!”

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Gretchen Smith replies to the video: “Come on Brooklyn NY you can do better than this! This is The United States of America. This is wrong on every level!”

When Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) isn’t destroying other people’s lives by having an affair with a married man with a 13-year-old son and divorcing her Muslim husband and father to her 3 children, she apparently spends her days on Twitter scouring other people’s accounts for offensive tweets.

The anti-Semitic, freshman Muslim lawmaker Ilhan Omar retweeted Gretchen Smith’s video adding her own snarky commentary. “Look at these Muslims practicing their First Amendment, someone call the Constitution police,” she tweeted.

Is blasting Islamic prayer onto the streets of the surrounding neighborhood “free speech” or is it a nuisance? How would people of Muslim faith feel if Priests or Rabbis blasted their sermons over loudspeakers into their neighborhoods five times a day?

The far-left entertainer John Legend weighed in on Omar’s tweet, saying it was “sad that you hate the First Amendment”

Gretchen Smith responded brilliantly to his response, saying: ASSIMILATE. This is NOT what 1st A protects. It protects freedom of religion, speech, & press but PROHIBITS the “establishment” of a religion by the government. Therefore it DOESN’T protect ppl who GOVERN via their religion and make “public declarations” to any neighborhood.

Documentary filmmaker, Ami Horowitz hits the streets of Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Somali immigrant and Democrat U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s district of Minneapolis Minnesota. Horowitz points out that Omar’s district is known for the export of terrorists who go overseas to fight for terror organizations ISIS and Al-Shabat. It’s been reported that dozens of young Muslims have been recruited and gone to fight with terror groups from this community.

Horowitz engages a number of Somali Muslims in conversation, as he tries to discover how interested these Somali Muslims are in assimilating with American culture and American law. He asks them how easy it is to be a Muslim in American.

Like Ilhan Omar, the Muslims who are being interviewed cite rights like “free speech,” as reasons they like living in the United States.

Are they really free speech advocates, or just advocates of taking over large cities and small towns in America where they promote their Islamic faith over loudspeakers?

And what about Ilhan’s defense of the United States Constitution? How do Omar’s Muslim neighbors feel about that topic when Horowitz asks them? Watch, and find out.

This video is a very good example of why that woman in the video above is concerned about the takeover of communities in America by those who wish to promote Islam from loudspeakers onto the streets below.

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