There Are Two Kinds of People, Those Who Do the Work and Those Who Take the Credit

We here at TNBD want to take a moment to thank our friends over at Breitbart for having the upvote loss corrected.

The upvote problem had been going on for something like a year and nobody at DISQUS was listening or making it a priority. 30 days after Breitbart made you the promise that they would help and get it fixed the upvote loss has stopped.

Breitbart has also said it looks good. Disqus is saying they’ll give you those lost votes back.

Give credit where credit is due. You can think what ever you want. We here at TNBD know who helped you out.

Give a thank you today to the people over at Breitbart. Make a few comments, click on some ads.

Thanks Breitbart from all of us here at TNBD.

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