Feminism, Nice Guys, and Marshmallows

This is a piece I wrote awhile ago.

A little while ago, I linked a video that showed the “marshmallow experiment” where kids were told if they wait 10 minutes, they get 2 marshmallows instead of 1. The kids were followed 20 years later, and those who waited tended to do better in life. In a 2012 follow-up study, this experiment was repeated with a slight variation where some of the kids had their trust questioned by the adults failing to keep a promise of bringing some drawing materials. What resulted is the kids who were betrayed were far more likely to eat the initial marshmallow before waiting for the second marshmallow.

Logically, it makes sense. The kids do not trust that the adults will return with the second marshmallow, so why bother waiting? For them, one bird on your finger is better than two in the bush.

What does this have to do with feminism? Quite a bit, actually. Children raised by single mothers, the media and our education system are taught to distrust men. They will forgo the bigger, later prize of a successful marriage and children with a strong male provider for the smaller, but perceived as more likely prize of cheap sex during her twenties and raising little bastards on welfare, over the full life of family and support. I say ‘perceived” because she is the one who is statistically likely to file for divorce or cheat on her spouse. It is her choice to ruin the marriage, it is not by chance on her part.

Average nice guys are caught up in this. They are the guys who try for the larger prize of a lasting relationship with a woman. In their youth, they are unable to attract women, so focus on their career until they can afford a family. Most women being taught by the media, feminism, and their crappy single mothers will look at the nice guy with suspicion. “You are only doing it only to get laid” is their swan song. Yet, they will go after the bad boys who are up front about only wanting to get laid. “At least they are being honest” is what the women will say. The young women will whore around while they are “patiently” waiting for the nice guy to develop his career.

60 years ago, a nice guy was rewarded. Women were looking for marriage and she wanted a kind sort of guy to support her and their future offspring. Not so much anymore. Now, the nice guy is disappearing as well as the virtuous damsel. Because she is less trustworthy, it does not pay for a young man to live in a trustworthy manner if they get betrayed for doing so. Feminists say a nice guy gets mad because he is not getting sex. The nice guy gets mad because he is betrayed by society that tells him to be good to women, and then he is the one who passed over. On the same token, the virtuous damsel gets relatively ignored while in her youth, compared to her whore counterparts who look as good as her.

Then, with the sexual revolution, feminism, and the media destroying confidence in each other, both men and women stopped trusting each other. Women were fed this idea that most guys will cheat and that the only one they can trust is themselves. When trust is destroyed, the greater prize is ignored for the smaller but more likely prize more and more often. When the few remaining individuals who held on for the greater prize find they cannot collect, there is bitterness.

After the years go by, the average nice guys who worked hard to build a career can finally collect, but after all that time, all is left are old whores which nobody wants. The old whores lament “Where have all the good men gone?”, referring to the wealthy alpha Christian Chads. There are few of those guys, and they are the ones who picked up the few young hot unicorns and married them around 18-22. Meanwhile, the old bad boys talk about the slutty women they knew and say “They are all animals anyway, let them lose their souls”.

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