Animal rescuers trap cowboy pigeon in Las Vegas

Animal rescuers in Las Vegas said they have captured one of the two pigeons spotted wandering around the city with cowboy hats attached to their heads.

The Lofty Hopes pigeon rescue group said in a Facebook post that a pigeon dubbed “Cluck Norris” was captured in a trap and the bird still had the red cowboy hat apparently glued to its head.

The group said a pigeon wearing a pink cowboy hat, dubbed “Coolamity Jane,” is still being sought by rescuers.

Lofty Hopes co-founder Mariah Hillman previously said the hats appeared to be glued to the avians’ heads, and she was concerned about how the hats could affect the pigeons’ ability to fly and attractiveness to predators.

Hillman said the group is aware of reported sightings of a third pigeon in a brown cowboy hat, but rescuers have not yet been able to verify the reports.

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