Students show up at school dressed as KKK members

RIVERTON, Wyoming — Two Wyoming high school students who walked into school wearing outfits typically associated with members of the Ku Klux Klan are facing disciplinary action.

A photo circulated on the internet of what appeared to be two students walking into a school wearing white robes, pointed hats and crosses. One holds an American flag.

A statement from the school’s superintendent confirmed that the students in the photo attend a high school in Fremont County School District No. 25, a public school district based in Riverton, Wyoming.

“Yesterday, two students entered the school building with white robes and a white hood pulled over one of the student’s faces,” Terry Snyder, superintendent of the Fremont County School District No. 25 told ABC News.

“The high school administration was informed and they immediately investigated it and identified the behavior to be intentional as to their intent to represent KKK attire.”

A post on the school’s Facebook page also mentions disciplinary measures.

“We are aware of the photo circulating social media. We do not condone or support the student’s actions,” the post states. “One student’s decision does not represent our school or district. We are an inclusive school that is proud of our diverse population and celebrate that fact regularly.”

“We will not tolerate anything that remotely looks like a racial position being taken,” Snyder said. “We live in a diverse community and celebrate diversity and when we have these kinds of actions, we have to deal with them swiftly and that’s what we did.” 

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