A Vegan Couple Was Indicted On Murder Charges After Their Son Died Of Malnutrition


A raw vegan couple was indicted on murder charges after their 18-month-old son died of starvation, according to The News-Press.

Ryan Patrick O’Leary, 30, and Sheila O’Leary, 35, of Florida were indicted on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter, child abuse and two counts of child neglect, after their son died in September of malnutrition. He weighed 17 pounds at the time, according to a police report obtained by The News-Press, which is about what a child who is 7 months old should weigh.

Sheila O’Leary had called 911 on September 27 when her son had stopped breathing and “was cold,” according to The News-Press. He was pronounced dead when first responders arrived.

The mother told police that her son was born at home and had never been treated by a doctor, according to the report. She also told them that the family only eats raw fruits and vegetables and mainly eat “mangoes, rambutans, bananas, and avocados.” She also said that her son hadn’t eaten in a week and so he was only being breastfed at the time of his death.

Three other children were also allegedly victims of neglect by the O’Learys. They are 3, 5, and 11, State Attorney Amira Fox said, and they are included in the indictment. Two of the children have been removed from the home by the Department of Children and Families, according to The Daily Beast, while another is living with her biological father.

“The evidence and crime scene in this case are gut-wrenching. These are images, as a mother and State Attorney, I will not be able to forget,” Fox told The News-Press.


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