Survey: Nearly 30% of respondents say Santa Claus should transition to female — or just become gender-neutral


In these days of folks increasingly declaring new genders that differ from those “assigned at birth” — and drawing from a steadily growing list featuring dozens of genders beyond male and female — you’ve gotta hand it to those behind a new survey for keeping things simple this Christmas season.

The team at GraphicSprings — a logo design outfit — put together a survey to ask the question: What would Father Christmas look like as part of a rebranding and modernization effort?

Gender-neutral? Female?

The survey asked more than 4,000 people across the United Kingdom and U.S. to vote on a number of Santa statements (e.g., “He should have an iPhone” and “He should have dreadlocks” and “He should use Amazon Prime,” to name a few).

But the real eye opener was the part about gender — in other words, should Santa stay male or should he transition to female or should he become gender-neutral?

Survey says!

Nearly 30% of respondents from the U.K. and U.S. said Santa should become gender-neutral or female as part of a modernization or rebranding effort.

Breaking things down further, just over 17% of all respondents said Santa should become gender-neutral while only 10.6% said he should transition to a woman. And while the breakdown between the U.S. and U.K. was essentially the same regarding the female question, a good bit more U.S. respondents than U.K. respondents supported the idea of Santa becoming gender-neutral.

Anything else?

So, should Santa become more “hipster”? The survey says no, with less than 4% of respondents agreeing with that statement.

Some other statements and votes from all respondents:

  • He should drink beer: 6.19%
  • He should have tattoos: 7.35%
  • He should shave his beard: 4.73%
  • He should travel in an electric car: 10%

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