NFL player gets cut from team over one word in a tweet he posted to a critical fan


The New York Giants’ football season woes worsened when a player posted a slur in a tweet to a critical NFL fan, and they decided to release him from the team on Friday.

Veteran cornerback Janoris Jenkins posted the slur when someone was criticizing him for posting his performance stats after a game his team lost.

“I only can do my job.. ret**d,” he responded.

Jenkins apologized in a second tweet, but also tried to defend his use of the word when speaking to reporters in the locker room.

“My apology for the word I used earlier,” he tweeted, “really didn’t mean no ‘HARM’.”

He told reporters that it was a part of his “culture” to use the word, and that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

But that was enough for the Giants, who currently have one of the worst records in the NFL, to release him from the team. The Giants’ head coach Pat Shurmur said the tweet led directly to his release.

“Obviously, what happened this week, and the refusal to acknowledge the inappropriate and offensive language, was the determining factor,” he said.

Jenkins appeared to take the news in stride.

“Best news ever.. Thank you,” he responded in another tweet.

Some noted that the team blasted the song, “Let it go,” during their practice soon after the release of Jenkins, which appeared to be a commentary on the controversy.

Here’s more about the Jenkins tweet:

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