‘Don’t you want to be my best friend’ — parents say someone hacked into Ring camera in their 8-year-old daughter’s room


A Mississippi mom bought a Ring camera in order to stay in touch with her three daughters, but she returned it after four days because of a creepy occurrence with a stranger that hacked into her system.

Ashley LeMay says she bought the camera as part of a Black Friday deal. She works an overnight shift as a nurse.

A few days after they put up the camera, her daughter Ashley heard strange music coming from her room.

“At first what happened, I was in the hallway with my sisters and I heard some music, so I came upstairs and I hear some banging noise and I was like ‘who is that?'” the daughter said.

She says that someone’s voice then came through the camera. The voice of a man can be heard on the recording from the camera.

“I’m your best friend! I’m Santa Claus!” the voice said.

“I’m Santa Claus, don’t you want to be my best friend,” it added.

She says that the voice then taunted her and “encouraged destructive behavior” according to ABC-7.

Her father disabled the camera after she told her parents.

The Ring company offered tips on how to keep hackers from gaining access to their cameras, and implied that some users don’t follow the best practices when choosing a password.

Customer trust is important to us and we take the security of our devices seriously. While we are still investigating this issue and are taking appropriate steps to protect our devices based on our investigation, we are able to confirm this incident is in no way related to a breach or compromise of Ring’s security.

Due to the fact that customers often use the same username and password for their various accounts and subscriptions, bad actors often re-use credentials stolen or leaked from one service on other services. As a precaution, we highly and openly encourage all Ring users to enable two-factor authentication on their Ring account, add Shared Users (instead of sharing login credentials), use strong passwords, and regularly change their passwords.

They said they are investigating the disturbing event.

Here’s a local news report about the event:


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