Dog trashes home so badly, her family thinks it’s burglarized

Dory the dog did some serious damage.

Dory the dog did some serious damage

A family thought their home had been ransacked by burglars — but it turns out it was an inside job.

A cocker spaniel puppy named Dory trashed the joint while her humans were out shopping, turning the “When the cat’s away” cliche on its head.

Dylan Raynor returned home with his mom, Sharon, and her partner, Nick, in the Warrington section of Cheshire, England, after two hours and thought they were the victims of a home invasion.

That’s when they noticed the “nibble marks” on everything — and realized Dory had quite the afternoon. The 11-month-old pup had emptied the kitchen cupboards and garbage can, littering the home with trash, biscuits, assorted chocolates and cooking utensils.

“Dory is just a full-time nutcase who enjoys causing havoc,” Dylan, a 21-year-old medical biochemistry student, tells Caters News. Despite attending “day school” and puppy training, “she’s like the Houdini of the doggy world.”

While the Raynors were out, the cunning canine dined on sheets of lasagna pasta — with some licks of sugar for dessert. She had even managed to munch on her dog collar.

“As we arrived back, my mother looked through the window and we honestly believed we had been [burglarized],” Dylan says.

But really, they’d just “been ransacked by Dory,” he says.

That’s when the family started to question what other evil deeds Dory might be plotting.

“My mother was in disbelief — and eventually we all laughed and realized if Dory had hands and fingers, we’d all be dead,” Dylan says.

Seeing as how she consumed things that are dangerous for doggies, Dylan says he “monitored her health — but 24 hours after the incident, she was perfectly fine, eating and sleeping as normal.”

This isn’t the first time the brunette beauty has been a troublemaker.

“She has always taken socks out of a [laundry] basket, or decided to take a risky drink out of the bathwater, showing no regards to the bubbles present,” Dylan says. “However, this has completely blown her previous mischievous behavior out of the pond.”

Dory is set to turn 1 year old later this month — so her dad has high hopes that she will mature into a good girl.

“I keep telling my family she will settle down soon, but it appears to be something I’m saying all too often,” Dylan says.

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