11 dogs rescued from dog fighting operation on Detroit’s east side

Items removed from 2 homes

DETROIT – Authorities rescued 11 dogs during a bust of a suspected dog fighting operation Wednesday on Detroit’s east side.

Detroit police and workers with the Michigan Humane Society removed boxes of evidence from two homes on Anglin Street, near Conant Street and 7 Mile Road.

Items taken from the house include “sled mill treadmills, brake sticks, injectable drugs and conditioning items for the dogs,” according to Andy Seltz, with MHS.

Detectives believe the leaders of the fighting ring were trying to throw people off by using a house that was boarded up.

While the location was small, the situation is more complex than that, Seltz said.

“Dog fighting worldwide is a over a billion dollar industry. Dogs are held where they are conditioned in various locations. They’re usually not fought where they’re conditioned,” he said.

The Humane Society said it will work with the dogs to see if they can be put up for adoption.

In January, Michigan lawmakers signed a new bill, called Senate Bill 416. It helps the Humane Society to somewhat get a handle on the billion dollar dog fighting operation.

“It provides us ways to bond these animals. Previously, when these dogs are taken in for dog fighting, we’re held in the shelter custody until we had a disposition in court. With this new legislation, it allows us to do, actually post a bond, which has to be paid in 14 days,” Seltz said.

If the bond isn’t paid, the animals go to the organization that ceased them. In this case, that will be the Michigan Humane Society.


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