More Teslas on the Road Meant Hours-Long Supercharger Lines Over Thanksgiving

Black Friday shopping lines weren’t the only queues frustrating people this past weekend. A number of Tesla drivers took to social media to vent about extremely crowded Supercharger stations that turned a promised fast stop into an hours-long slog to recharge during one of the year’s busiest travel times. With Model 3 mass production in full swing, there are now well over 400,000 Teslas on American roads, and it appears that growth is exposing the Supercharger network’s pain points in high-traffic times like this past weekend.

One Facebook clip shows a line measuring roughly a quarter mile in length, consisting of 50-odd Teslas waiting at a Supercharger in Kettleman City, California, just off Interstate 5. To be fair, the station’s popularity is compounded by its location about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but even its 40 stalls aren’t enough to accommodate the increased demand, especially when all that simultaneous recharging lowers the speed for everyone. The video’s caption—”When you regret your Tesla”—has got to ring true for some of these drivers. Or maybe a modified version: When you regret bringing your Tesla.

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