Because black lives matter…

A 19-year-old University of Illinois at Chicago student was sexually assaulted and murdered by a man angry that she didn’t respond to his catcalls, prosecutors say. At a hearing Monday, prosecutors said 26-year-old suspect Donald Thurman spotted Ruth George as she walked past a bus stop on campus around 1:30am Saturday after returning from a semi-formal event for medical students, the Chicago Tribune reports. Thurman “thought she was pretty and tried talking to her, but the victim ignored him,” prosecutor James Murphy said. He said Thurman, “angry he was being ignored,” followed George to her car, then grabbed her from behind and put her in a chokehold.

“With his arms still wrapped around the victim’s neck the defendant dragged the victim from the ground and he opened her back seat car door,” Murphy said. He said Thurman sexually assaulted his unconscious victim before strangling her. Prosecutors said DNA and a palm print linked Thurman to the murder, WLS reports. He was also seen on surveillance video following George to the parking garage and leaving 35 minutes later. The student’s body was found around 11am Saturday after her sisters tracked her cellphone to the parking garage. A judge ordered for Thurman to be held without bail. The suspect was on parole for a 2016 robbery conviction. He was sentenced in Aug. 2016 to six years in prison and was released in December last year.

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