Reporter Humiliates “Impeach Trump” Protesters When They Can’t Name One Reason He’s Not A Good President

Savannah Hernandez, the producer of “The War Room” with Owen Shroyer,  attended an “impeach Trump” rally in Austin, TX, where she asked a variety of protesters to name the biggest thing or biggest action that President Trump has done to make them want to be there?

The first man she asks appears to be completely stumped by the question. The more she pushes, the more flustered he becomes. He finally runs away, but Savanah pursues him until he finally responds, borrowing a word to describe Trump from Democrat Congressman Rashida Tlaib (MI), saying, “From day one, he was just an evil motherf***er.”

The next person Savanah asked to name the worst thing that Trump did, told her she didn’t like that he was going to “Make America Great,” and “bring jobs” and that “he said he was gonna help those people in Syria and he never did.”

The next woman Savanah asked what is it about Trump that really angers her, she responded by saying, “Just everything about him. Just his entire person. Everything about him.” She added, “He lies.” “What’s one of the biggest lies, that really angered you?” Savanah asked. The woman couldn’t think of a single thing, she turned to “Michael,” the man standing behind her, and asked him to answer. “Michael” responded to Savanah’s question by saying, “Oh, it started from the time he was inaugurated, all the way from the crowd size all the way to the, ‘Oh, it’s a perfect phone call’ with Zelensky.”

Savanah asked, “Did you read the transcript?” “Michael” responded, “No. I didn’t read the transcript but I listened to the news.

The next woman she asked couldn’t think of “the most divisive thing Trump’s said” that made her want to protest today? She couldn’t think of one thing and turned to the man behind her, asking him to answer the question.

Savanah continued to press for answers about why the protesters didn’t like Trump. The woman she spoke with before cited immigration as a reason she doesn’t like Trump. When Savanah asked if she would denounce Obama for putting kids in cages and deporting illegal immigrants, she said she wouldn’t denounce Obama “because he’s a gentleman

Finally, Savanah posted a video of herself standing up to Antifa members who she accused of ripping her microphone away while trying to interview anti-Trump protesters.

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