Woman cited after DNR finds button buck being kept in backyard dog pen

UPPER PENINSULA, MICHIGAN — An Upper Peninsula woman was cited after DNR conservation officers discovered that she was keeping a young deer inside a dog pen.

Conservation Officers Robert Freeborn and Michael Evink found the fawn last month while following up on a complaint of a deer being kept behind a residential property. As they pulled into the property’s driveway, they saw a button buck — the term for a first-year male deer, whose not-yet-developed antlers look like little buttons — in a small pen with a dog behind the house.

The incident occurred in the DNR’s District 2, which covers the eastern Upper Peninsula.

“After interviewing the subjects currently at the residence, it was determined that a tenant who was not there at the time was responsible for raising the deer from a young fawn,” according to a DNR law enforcement report. “Per Wildlife Division, the very tame deer was safely taken out of the pen and released several miles away in a remote wooded area.”

Freeborn returned the following day to interview the woman suspected of keeping the deer, at which time she admitted to raising the fawn since this spring.

According to the DNR, the woman was issued a citation for raising a deer without a rehabilitation license.

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