Earlier today, DCL asked me to reinstate my posting privileges on Jetpack which was done with no issues. But then on the dashboard I noticed a disturbing notification

Seems there has been a few attacks against the site for whatever reason. Today’s Leftist snowflakes fail to understand two critical issues concerning this modern day censorship.

The first is that speech everyone wants to hear needs no protection. It is the very speech that some find offensive that must be protected in order to allow new ideas and such to be heard.

The second is that if so many are so willing to demand censorship today, then what will happen when it becomes the turn for the speech of these advocates turn to be censored? Just because they are the useful idiots today pushing a toxic idea encouraging censorship for their cause, they fail to understand that at some point they will become victims of this censorship as the allowed message becomes more and more tightly regulated and controlled. When this happens, what will they do? Whine even more?

We run an eclectic mix of stories here at TNID from Dogs to cats, from impeachment to BLM. Are some of the comments cutting? Of course they are. Are they alt-right or white supremist laced tirades? Don’t be fukking stupid.

This is not the coddling of the leftist mind, it is the complete closure. That’s how “true believers” in every Twentieth Century totalitarian ideology were created. Closed minds will brook no opposing ideas or alternative answers; they cannot fathom them in their mental state. That’s why every opposing idea must be eliminated (it is impossible and makes no sense) and the bearer killed (their impossible belief is a threat, they must be evil beyond imagining). That’s why so many millions died for having the wrong beliefs. That’s why today’s leftists behave the way they do, want to put the boot to our necks, and are incapable of recognizing who and what they have become.

I thank God every day for the Second Amendment. If things don’t change, “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves.”

To those that attack the site……………………….well you know what you can do.

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