November 9, 2019: Hedy Lamarr

Born on this date, November 9, 1913 or 1914 was film actress and inventor, Hedy Lamarr in Vienna, Austria Hungary.

Often typecast as a provocative femme fatale, Lamarr made her motion picture debut in Geld auf der Strasse (1930; Money on the Street). She achieved both stardom and notoriety in the Czech film Extase (1932; Ecstasy), in which she briefly but tastefully appeared in the nude.

But Lamarr was also a scholar and brilliant inventor. By age 10, she was a proficient pianist and dancer and could speak four languages. During World War II in collaboration with composer George Antheil, she invented an electronic device that minimized the jamming of radio signals. Though it was never used in wartime, this device is a component of present-day satellite and cellular phone technology.

Who are your 3 all-time most favorite Black & White era movie stars? Yes, it’s ok to include actors & actresses who made some color movies too.

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