Get your sh*t together you ass*holes

This is for DISQUS. … . Get your shit together!

We don’t have nearly the programming skills compared to you, but our guys can even see what’s going on here.

You know damn well what the hell happened here and you’re letting these good folks’ upvotes drain right down to ZERO. This is the reputation of some very good writers that is just fading away, and it’s just a matter of time before they won’t be able to comment anywhere except if they get a moderator’s approval for each comment, or a Whitelist for each location. You NEED TO FIX IT!!

And, as if the ineptness of your programming isn’t bad enough, you let your kind volunteers take the heat for you.

How can you live with yourselves?


From Breitbart:

Hello. Thank you for reaching out. I am aware this was an issue recently but i did not think this was still going on. I will contact Disqus.

The Breitbart Team

And The Daily Caller just replied to us and said that they are dumping DISQUS because of this problem. That they will have a new amazing commenting system shortly.

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