Well you guys managed to do it…

When we created TNID we wanted to give all you good people a place where you could just have fun and be yourself and never have to think there are mods watching everything that you say or do. Just itching to hit that ban button.

It’s amazing what can happen when you allow people to just be who they are and not be who you want them to be.

You guys made TNID what it was by just being you. Never being afraid to just say whatever you feel like saying.

Recently I read a couple comments, one person said we take the place of their favorite neighborhood bar and another said we’re like Cheers and MichCon and myself are like Sam and Coach. That meant a lot, guys. That’s what we were striving for. A long time ago when we were TNID, MichCon had said to me, you know I was just looking around the site and it was almost like owning a good neighborhood restaurant and watching everyone just enjoying themselves.

We were a little worried for you guys when we got the boot from DISQUS and had to set you up on TNBD.

But today I want to tell you thank you! The numbers for TNBD are great. It’s unreal that you guys kept what you had here.

Thank you from MichCon and DCL!

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