Halloween skeleton tribute at son’s grave is repeatedly removed by US cemetery

Parents in the US, who decorated their son’s grave with a skeleton rising from the ground, have repeatedly had their Halloween tributes to him removed by cemetery officials.

William Wohle, 18, suffered a fatal heart attack in 2016, shortly after taking part in a rodeo competition.

His mum and dad, Rob and Christina Wohle, from New Hampshire, say they wanted to honour his “sense of humour” with the display, which shows the skeleton wearing a cowboy hat.

n a post on Facebook, Christina said: “I’m getting tired of Cole’s Halloween decorations being removed. This is rude!

“There is nothing wrong with having a little fun with death. Sometimes you have to laugh, because there is so much to cry over!!!”

Polly Freese, chairman of the Francestown Cemetery Commission, told the Union Leader newspaper that it had every right to remove any decoration and was under no obligation to inform the families involved.

She also claimed that the skeleton was in the way of landscapers who mow the cemetery every week.


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