Twitter User Claiming Allegiance to Antifa Says He Poisoned Children Dressed as ‘Trump’ For Halloween With Fentanyl-Laced Candy

A Twitter user who goes by the user name “Jenkins” and who claims to have an allegiance to the Democrat terror group Antifa made a disturbing post, claiming any children he saw on Halloween dressed as “Trump” or wearing MAGA gear would get a “special Fentanyl laced candy.”

The Twitter user wrote, “If I see any children dressed up in some #MAGA type of costume like this little worm, I’m going to be giving them my special #Fentanyl laced candy. #ANTIFA action!”

He followed up his original tweet with another sick and mocking tweet today, writing, “The date is November 1st. All the children are dead of fentanyl poisoning. The post is still up. The FBI and Secret Service were too late, all the patriots pleas for action went unanswered.”

Did this sicko actually follow through with his threats? Who knows. These deranged liberals are so unhinged I wouldn’t put anything past them. The threat alone is sick enough and should warrant an investigation by the FBI.

Another disturbing part of this story is that as of this publishing, the man’s posts are still up and his account is still active.

This is a screenshot of his account.

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