7th graders make tampon cookies for principal after he refused to put tampons in the bathrooms

Tampons are an absolute necessity, especially for young girls who might start their period at school. Many people have argued that sanitary products should be provided by schools free of charge. This would especially help girls in poverty, who are often forced to miss school as a result of their period. 

At one middle school, girls are attempting to have access to sanitary products in bathrooms at the school. When the principal was less than receptive to the idea, they came up with a pretty creative form of protest. 

“My friend’s 7th grader goes to a school where the kids organized for free tampons in the bathroom,” Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America tweeted. “The male principle said no because they would ‘abuse the privilege.’”  

Instead of giving up, the students decided to hold a cookie protest, which included the tampon cookies you can see below. And yes, they look amazing. 

The reaction that the cookies had on the principal are unclear, but the people of Twitter absolutely loved the idea. 

“I just love today’s kids,” one user wrote. “When I was that age, we would have never even said tampon out loud.”

They added: “Each generation is incorporating feminism into child-rearing more and more. Yesterday’s ‘you can be a doctor’ is now ‘you can be a doctor and you can demand tampons.'”

Another added: “She and every girl in the school should rally together and agree that every. single. time. they need a tampon, they should bypass all other adults at school and go ask for one from the principal directly.”

Another joked: “Maybe the girls should demonstrate that they are not taking advantage of free tampons by returning them to the principal when they are finished with them.”

One user asked: “Abuse them how? Is there a high street value for them? Are they going to overdose? Use a super when they could have made do with a light? Are pads just a gateway? Next you know they will be on DivaCups!”


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