Intruders pepper spray guests during Halloween party in Muncie, steal couple’s dog

MUNCIE, Ind. — Police are searching for the armed intruders who fired pepper spray pellets at people during a Halloween party.

Megan Brock and Melvin Williamson threw a Halloween party at their Muncie home on Saturday night.  Just before midnight, they say three intruders with gas masks barged in through the back door.

“It was a nightmare,” said Brock.

The couple told police the men were wearing all black and shooting pepper-spray pellets.

“Before I could do anything or react, I caught a pellet in the shoulder and my eyes were stinging, and that’s when I realized these guys are shooting me with pellets that have mace in them,” said Williamson.

Melvin told FOX59 he was knocked to the ground and then kicked in the face.  He now has a busted nose, and Megan has a big bruise on her leg from where she says a pellet hit her.

“For a split second I thought it was a joke. It’s a Halloween party. I thought oh maybe my friend decided to show up late in gas masks. For a split second, and then they started shooting us and saying get on the ground,”
said Brock.

The couple isn’t worried about their injuries—something else hurts way worse.

“I heard them say get the dog, and my dog is gone,” said Williamson.

Xenia is a 5-year-old Pitbull mix. She’s been with Brock and Williamson since she was a puppy.

“It’s hard. It’s so hard,” said Brock.

Muncie police are investigating. Investigators believe the home may have been targeted for some reason.  The couple has no clue who would do this and why.

“I just feel dumbfounded, sad, and full of anger,” said Brock.

The intruders were in and out in minutes.  They showed up prepared with masks and weapons.

“By the time our eyes were clear enough to do anything those guys were long gone,” said Williamson.

As police search for the suspects, the couple just wants Xenia home.  They’ve spent the past three nights wondering where she is and if she’s okay.

“Somehow, someway, get me my dog back,” said Williamson.

The couple is offering a cash reward for the safe return of Xenia.  If you know anything that can help detectives in this case, call the Muncie Police Department.

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