Taco Truck Apologized For Serving ICE Workers

he left is getting crazier each and every day.

They now are demanding business choose a side, right or left.

A Buffalo based taco truck business has apologized for serving ICE workers when people in line complained.

Apologize letter below:


For years, the most controversial thing about Lloyd Taco was its prices: $8.49 for a single burrito.

That all changed last week when the popular Buffalo, New York-based food-truck empire served Chorizo Mackin’ Cheese and Aztec Brownies to workers at a federal immigration detention facility in Batavia. After receiving a handful of “yikes” responses from leftists on social media, the company swiftly apologized and promised to make amends, only to spend the next few days bombarded with thousands of angry messages from conservatives who accused the regionally beloved chain of disrespecting law enforcement, veterans and America.

With the controversy beginning to cut into their profits, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials accusing them of discrimination, the beleaguered owners apologized again at a Monday news conference. This time, they said it had been a mistake to say that selling burritos to ICE employees was a mistake.

“We are not political,” said one of Lloyd Taco’s embattled co-founders, Pete Cimino. “Why would we be? How can any business choose sides in our politically divided country and ever hope to succeed?”

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