Florida man arrested for launching filled diapers from catapult at moving cars

A Florida man in Dade county was arrested for launching diapers filled with turds and pee at moving cars on a highway with a homemade catapult he built in his garage. Authorities state the man launched over 60 filled diapers.

“I was driving my car to the office this cool morning when all of a sudden a diaper exploded over my windshield,” a local Florida man stated. “The diaper hit my windshield so hard I almost crashed the car. Splattered turds and pee were everywhere. I had to pull over.”

The Florida man spent the last 30 days filling the diapers himself with his own excrements. Once he had enough diapers filled, he took his homemade catapult to an overpass and began to launch the diapers at moving cars.

“It was quite the sight to see,” a Florida woman said. “I immediately pulled over when I saw diapers flying through the sky.”

Authorities stated the homemade catapult could launch the diapers at more than 70 miles per hour.

“The catapult was quite the ingenious contraption,” a police officer stated. “I’ve never seen a weapon like that in my entire 30 years on the police force.”

The catapult was five feet high and weighted over 50 pounds. It could launch diapers a quarter of a mile.

In total the man launched 63 filled diapers at moving cars. The man was arrested and is waiting trail for endangering the public and assault with a deadly weapon. He faces up to life in prison.

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