NOBODY will EVER tell ANYONE what they can or can not post here!!!

TNID was what it was because we believed in NEVER silencing someone because we didn’t agree with what they had to say. That’s just pure bullshit!!

We’ve got someone on here that just won’t stop. They keep going after the ladies that are so kind each and every day to post stories on here for everyone to just enjoy and have fun.

It’s funny watching someone come into our home and tell US how to run it.

Not happening, not today, not EVER!

We became who we are by NEVER thinking we’re better than other people!!!!

So they challenged me to ask all of you if you hate these kind women and what they do. I’ll do one better. 100 bucks to the person with the nicest comment about what these women do for you to have fun each and every day. Contest ends tomorrow at 3:00 pm Detroit time.

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